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Valentine's Day Gifts for Dogs 2022

Updated: May 27

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With Valentine's Day just around the corner it’s time to start thinking about how to spoil that special friend in your life. From cakes and treat, to toys and stylish accessories, spread the love this year with these gorgeous Valentine's day gifts for dogs that any dog will go barking over.

Our Picks of the Best Valentine's Dog Gifts

1. Cupid Reversible Harness, Lead & Collar Bundle

Matching dog accessories

Bring out her inner princess! If you fancy walking the streets in style this Valentine's day, how about this utterly chic, coordinating set.

cocopup cupid harness,lead and collar in pink

The team at Cocopup have an extensive range of designs for matching dog and human accessories.

This Cupid bundle includes a reversible harness with a lead and collar to match in pink with hearts fabric.

The harness is crafted in neoprene so very lightweight and comfortable even for puppies.

It has a D ring for lead attachment and a fully adjustable chest strap to get the perfect fit with no rubbing.The collar is also fully adjustable and features a D ring for easy lead attachment.

A range of sizes are available, with dimensions for the harness and collar on their website.

2. Barking Bakery Heart Shaped Cake for Dogs

Dog celebration cake

Barking Bakery stock a range of doggylicious treats and cakes for Valentine's Day.

Barking Bakery heart shaped cake for dogs

We particularly loved this heart shaped cake from their 'I Woof You' range. It's a vanilla sponge covered in pink yoghurt topped with a bone shaped biscuit.

The cake arrives in a pretty box, sealed for freshness and will last 3 - 6 months if kept in the original packaging, in a cool, dry place - as if it will last that long !

It is small, measuring 10cm wide, so a perfectly portioned treat to show your pooch just how much you woof them.

3. Beco Bamboo Dog Bowl

Eco-friendly bowls

Beco Pet products are all about great design whilst minimising your dog's environmental impact. Their eco-friendly dog bowl is made from bamboo so you can help save the planet and show your pup just how much you woof them at the same time.

Beco bamboo dog bowl in pink

It's undergone several design changes over the years including the addition of rubber feet for stability and a hand hold to make picking the bowl up easier.

The design also includes waved edges and a balanced depth to width ratio to help keep the food in the bowl.

Easy to clean and dishwasher proof (top shelf advised), they're available in three sizes and a range of colours.

Dimensions : (diameter, capacity) :

S -17cm, 500ml | M - 21cm, 750ml | L - 26cm, 1.5L

4. Be:soft Pet Paw & Nose Balm

Dog pamper balm

Show that you care this Valentine's Day with all natural, handmade products that help to keep your pup clean, protected and best of all, pampered.

Be:soft pet paw & nose balm

Be:Loved is a luxury but affordable British pet care brand that uses handpicked ingredients to create gorgeous grooming products for your dog.

These calming balms are perfect for everyday care and pampering for even the most sensitive canine skins.

Their balms are ideal for nourishing noses, paws and skin during the harsh winter months.

5. Pooch & Mutt Dog Treats

Healthy heart-shaped treats

For that extra special Valentine's Day walk, these gourmet little treats are the healthy way to treat or train your dog.

Pooch & Mutt lamb dog treats

Crafted by Pooch & Mutt, they are special addition heart-shaped training treats for dogs.

A healthy option, these lamb treats are formulated without artificial colourings, preservatives, cereal or gluten.

Packed with vitamin C and probiotics they are a real boost for your dog's digestive and immune systems.

6. Valentine Dog Toy

Mudder 2 Heart Rope Toys

Enjoy hours of play with these gorgeous, great value heart-shaped dog toys.

This two pack of rope toys are designed in pink and red for Valentine's day.

Great tug toys, they are a good way to help clean teeth and massage their gums.

Made from a tough cotton they are firm and tough and won't tear unless your dog is a 'super chewer'.

They measure 13 x 10.5 cm so recommended for puppies and smaller breeds of dog.

7. Dog Balls!

Safe tennis ball toys

Perfect for your canine companion on Valentine's Day, a bumper pack of 6 or 12 premium quality dog tennis balls for play.

Dogs simply love tennis balls but there are dangers associated with tennis balls especially if you have a chewer.

The furry fabric surrounding the ball is very abrasive, designed for tennis courts and rackets. By chewing tennis balls, your dog risks wearing down their teeth enamel which can lead to possible dental issues.

These balls are specifically designed for your dog.

Crafted using non-abrasive, non-toxic materials, they're also super bouncy, and are available in a range of high visibility colours.

Available in two sizes to suit dogs or puppies.

8. The Dog Treat Company

'Paw-Ever Yours' Liver Treats

How about these special edition premium dog treats from The Dog Treat Company, which are a perfect way to say 'I Love You" this Valentine's day.

The Dog Treat Company Paw-Ever Yours liver dog treats

The Dog Treat Company believe that the right treat needn’t be either a guilt trip or a rare occurrence, which is why they only use human-grade, ethically-sourced ingredients.

These Valentine's treats are not only hand-baked but also wheat, grain and gluten-free so ideal for sensitive tummies.

Made with free-range chicken liver which makes these treats not only yummy but packed full of the good stuff!

9. Homemade Valentine's Dog Treats

Coconut oil & strawberry dog treats

Last in our round up of Valentine's gifts are these gorgeous dog treats that you can make yourself at home with only two ingredients.

Homemade valentine's dog treats

Melt some hearts this Valentine's day with these cute and healthy pupsicles.

Strawberries are a low calorie dog treat and coconut oil is nutrient-dense so can be a great addition to your dog's diet in small amounts.

Using a heart-shaped silicone tray, add a few chopped strawberry pieces to each compartment.

Pour over some melted coconut oil ( 30-60 seconds in the microwave), and then freeze overnight. Hey presto! Cute canine valentine's heart-shaped treats that your dog will adore.


A word to the wise - Don't be tempted to pour any unused coconut oil down the sink. Trust me, place in the food bin to avoid blocked pipes.


Hopefully you have found that perfect gift for that very special dog in your life in our roundup of adorable Valentine's Day Gifts for Dogs.