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PitPat Dog Tracker Review : GPS with No Subscription

Updated: 3 hours ago

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If you're looking to invest in a Dog Tracker, then UK company PitPat offer a great alternative to a subscription based GPS Tracker for your dog.

Simply pay one up-front fee for the tracker and then you can find your dog without having to pay an ongoing monthly GPS subscription cost.

We felt this proposition would suit a lot of dog lovers, especially knowing that one in three dogs go missing in at some point in their lifetime. So we decided to put the PitPat GPS Tracker through it's paces and see what it has to offer.

Dog wearing PitPat GPS tracker without subscription

In this review, you’ll be able to find out everything you need to know about the PitPat GPS Tracker.

We'll offer our take on its performance, design, app, activity monitoring and costs and you can decide if the PitPat is something you and your four-legged best friend need in your lives.

PitPat GPS Tracker : At a Glance

Having fully tested the PitPat GPS Tracker, we think that it's the best GPS tracker you can buy without subscription

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dog wearing tracker


dog paw graphic

PitPat Dog Tracker Review

1. PitPat : Basics

Based in Cambridge UK, PitPat is the UK's leading pet wellness brand. Their ever expanding range of products are all developed specifically with dogs in mind.

Their first product, the original and hugely innovative Activity Monitor is like a Fitbit for dogs. Launched back in 2016 it revolutionised the way we monitor our dog's exercise, distance travelled and rest.

Pitpat GPS tracker without subscription in red

Their GPS tracker does all that and more, using GPS technology to provide real-time tracking, it's the first cellular tracker to include lifetime connectivity rather than a costly monthly subscription.

Pitpat have recently entered the crowded dog food and dog treat market, offering their own range of food and treats alongside a weighing bowl so you can accurately measure the intake of calories.

Finally, PitPat have designed their own insurance plan, linked to their activity tracking technology, you can actually get rewarded for walking your dog!

GPS Tracker

The stylish tracker arrives with it's own wireless charging pad, USB charging cable and extra strong velcro straps to attach the tracker to your collar or harness.

Super easy to set up, simply download the app on your phone, link the device and charge the PitPat tracker.

We love the wireless charging pad, so easy to use, simply place the tracker on the pad. The paw flashes and when fully charged, all four 'paw' led light up.

PitPat GPS tracker on a wireless charger

Initially we were a little underwhelmed by the velcro strips, but we can report that they did the job admirably and even on adventures in heavy undergrowth, the tracker stayed secure.

The 4 velcro straps should fit most collars, however you can request longer straps for an extra-large breed collar should you need them.

PitPat tracker showing velcro fastening


To activate the tracking mode select LOCATION and choose from either the 'Start a Walk' or 'Find My Dog Now' button.

The 'Start a Walk' button wakes up the PitPat and triggers live-tracking. It takes a couple of minutes to make contact with the satellite and report your position, but you can simply put your phone back in your pocket or dog walking bag until you need it.

In testing, we were surprised by just how long it initially took to find and report our location.

However, by only accessing your location information when you request it at the start of each walk, it does mean that PitPat has an extraordinarily long battery life (up to a couple of weeks).

PitPat GPS tracker screen showing types of map available

Once initiated, the live tracking automatically continues for 90 minutes with your dog's location updating every few seconds. You can of course end your walk earlier if you're doing a quick lunchtime stroll round the park.

The 'Find My Dog Now' option works in exactly the same way, taking a few minutes to trigger the initial satellite service, then it's much faster.

PitPat offer two types of map (shown above) or if you prefer you can opt to use the 'Dog Finder Arrow' which simply points in the direction of the GPS device.

PitPat Dog Finder Arrow

As with all the trackers we tested, it really does depend on how good the satellite service/ mobile network is in your area. We found the PitPat's location performance was intermittent with poorer service on some rural walks but an accurate service nearer town.

PitPat GPS uses its factory-installed SIM to connect to their cloud via the latest LTE-M and NB-IoT mobile networks (they pay for the data). Their coverage across the UK is growing all the time.

PitPat have pre-empted this potential issue by offering a full 42 day no-quibble refund so you can check the signal on your preferred dog walks. We think this is a great idea and makes it a risk-free purchase.

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2. PitPat : Additional Features 

Health Monitoring

One of the key features we loved about this GPS tracker was that PitPat had included some of the key features from their extremely popular Activity Monitor.

PitPat screen showing dog activity levels

All the minutes spent walking, running and playing are displayed graphically. Plus you can see calories used and miles travelled.

Of course your dog does need to wear the PitPat for it to track the movement. In our case, you can clearly see from the activity peaks on the screenshot that we didn't put Freddie's collar on until lunchtime !

However, if you remember to put their collar on, we think that PitPat offer the best and most accurate health monitoring software which is incredibly intuitive and easy to use.

The clever technology behind PitPat means that the activity monitoring software works without the GPS so doesn't drain the battery - very clever stuff.

You may be interested in reading our full and in-depth review of the Best Activity Monitors available in the UK - comparing PitPat, PoochPlay and FitBark


If, like us, your life seems to revolve around charging phones, Fitbits, Apple watches, Kindles, the list is endless, then you'll love the PitPat Tracker.

In fact the battery is one of the standout features. Lasting up to a couple of weeks depending on how much you opt to use live tracking. This is considerably longer than any of the rival trackers we've tested.


You might also like the option to add the whole family to one PitPat account. Everyone can use their phones to see where your dog is (which could be really useful if they run off) and view daily activity levels.

2. PitPat : Costs

Cost wise, with no ongoing subscriptions, we think that the PitPat is amazing value for money at a one-off payment of £149.

Other devices have a smaller initial outlay but then a monthly subscription which soon adds up.

Going on holiday ? In a rush? PitPat offer next-day delivery if you order before 2pm.

Its worth mentioning though, that if you want to save the data and access historic walks, you will need to upgrade and pay £3.99 a month for this feature.

dog paw graphic

Our Verdict

If you want a good quality, reliable GPS tracker at a great price, then we think that PitPat is an ideal option. It has a solid 67% Reviews with 5⭐️ on Trustpilot.

PitPat does need cellular network coverage to work, but with a 42 day no-quibble refund policy, you have the option to buy and test the PitPat Tracker where you live and walk.

The headline feature has to be the cost. One up-front payment is all you need to pay - those monthly subscriptions soon add up.

The high quality activity monitoring software is a real bonus, offering a real insight into your dog's exercise and rest.

Lastly, the amazing battery life coupled with the wireless charging are added bonuses.

It's worth pointing out that this tracker may not have some of the bells and whistles that Pawfit or Tractive offer including geo fence capability, maps of your walk, access to historic walks, option to add photos or make the tracker light up, but it does track your dog and it does it well.

Reasons to Buy

   + Lightweight - 30g

   + Battery life - weeks

   + Waterproof

   + No subscription costs

   + Colour options

Reasons to Avoid

   - No geo fence

   - No historic maps

- If you have sketchy satellite service

Buying Options

⭐️ PitPat Sale ⭐️

 Up to £30 OFF - no code needed

One final point - the PitPat GPS Tracker and the PitPat Activity Monitor look very similar but offer very different features. Make sure you order the correct device.

The Alternatives

If you're not convinced by the PitPat Tracker, let's take a look at the alternatives on offer

Other GPS Trackers

Our Best GPS Tracker for Dogs Review compares Pawfit 3, Tractive, Weenect and PitPat GPS trackers.

Dog wearing a GPS collar

Our in-depth article explores the accuracy, features and costs of four of the best known trackers available in the UK.

We fully tested all four trackers over several months, so can honestly offer the pros and cons of each option, so you can decide which is best for you and of course your dog.

Apple AirTag

Apple AirTags can be an alternative as whilst they're designed to track your possessions like keys, wallet or handbag, they can easily be attached to your dog's collar.

Apple AirTag on dog collar

That said, there are some major drawbacks that you definitely need to be aware of before relying solely on an AirTag for peace of mind.

We take a look at the pros & cons of using an Apple AirTag to track your dog and explore some suitable collars and holders.

dog paw graphic

Thanks for dropping by and reading our PitPat Dog Tracker Review : GPS with No Subscription


Pitpat GPS Tracker Sale

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