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Best Dog Scooting Treatments : Anal Gland Supplements

Updated: Jun 12

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UPDATE : FEBRUARY 2024 - After the latest round of testing, we've added Buddy & Lola's NEW Pumpkin Powder to our review

It’s a behaviour that all dog lovers dread—their adorable pup dragging their butt across the carpet.

Dog scooting is a sign that your four-legged friend is experiencing discomfort and it’s often related to anal gland problems, allergies, or irritation. It's their way of saying something isn’t right with my butt.

We explore some of the best anal gland supplements on the UK market aimed at providing relief from scooting by adding more fibre to your dog's diet.

Read on to find out which products are the best to Boot the Scoot !

Dog with best dog scooting treatments


dog paw graphic

What is Dog Scooting ?

Dog scooting is a behaviour where your dog drags its bottom across the floor while sitting or even lying down.

Whilst it's a fairly common behaviour, scooting is as unhealthy for your floor as it is for your dog because it deposits bacteria and sometimes a foul smell.

This behaviour is often a sign of irritation or discomfort around your dog's anus, but it can also indicate a more serious health issue.

One of the most common causes of scooting is anal gland problems, which can occur when a dog's anal glands become blocked or infected.

Other possible causes of scooting in dogs include skin allergies, intestinal worms, and other digestive issues.

dog with anal gland issues at vet

Ultimately, we recommend a visit to your vet to ensure scooting isn't due to a serious issue like allergies or parasites. If however, the reason behind your dog scooting is nutrition related, there are some alternatives you could consider.

One way you can help long term is to add more fibre to their diet. High fibre foods can help prevent some digestive issues, firm up their stools and help to prevent their anal glands from becoming inflamed.

We'll fill you in as best we can about the ingredients, product type, reasons to buy/avoid and of course value for money. You can then judge for yourself which brand best suits your four-legged friend.

dog scooting on the ground

Our Picks of the Best Dog Scooting Treatments

 1. Best Supplement Range 

Buddy & Lola

Buddy & Lola are a family business dedicated to providing high quality human-grade supplements for dogs, they are a welcome change for modern dog lovers searching for natural alternatives.

From calming chews, to probiotics, natural allergy solutions to anal health support, Buddy & Lola offer a range of natural, hypoallergenic supplements.

Dog Supplement range from Buddy & Lola

They offer two different products to help with scooting issues -

  ⭐️ Scoot Stopper

  ⭐️ NEW Pumpkin Powder

Let's take a closer look at Scoot Stopper first.

This supplement comes in the form of small soft chews, packed full of fibre which is known to help improve your dog’s bowel movements by keeping them regular and naturally emptying their anal glands.

What's more they're formulated with prebiotics to improve your dog's gut flora. In simple terms, the extra prebiotics (food for good bacteria) increases the good bacteria which in turn produces well formed, easier to pass poop.

Testing Scoot Stopper for dogs from Buddy & Lola

Key ingredients include flaxseed, psyllium husk, dandelion root, pumpkin powder and beet pulp. It's worth mentioning that whilst the chews are grain free, they are not gluten free.

The chews are chicken liver and bacon flavoured and we can attest to the fact that they smell, well, very... 'bacony'. If you have a picky pup these could be a game changer as in testing our dogs found the scent very enticing and the chews themselves particularly yummy.

Each tub contains 60 chews and Buddy and Lola offer feeding recommendations on both their website and on the packaging. You should see results in 1-2 weeks.

The second option to consider is Pumpkin Powder.

Buddy & Lola Pumpkin Powder for scooting and digestion

Made up entirely guessed it Pumpkin, it contains vitamins A, C, and E, as well as minerals like iron and potassium.

Due to its high soluble fibre content, pumpkin is excellent for your dog's digestion and adds bulk to your dog’s stool by absorbing water. Simply sprinkle the powder on your dog's meals or add to water to make a puree or even freeze for popsicles.

Let's talk all important price.

Scoot Stopper, as a guideline -

🐶 Small dogs (under 18kg) require 2 chews a day.

In testing, a tub will last you a month and cost between £0.94 (on subscription) and £1.05 a day.

🐶 Largest dogs (over 36kg) requiring 8 chews a day.

The tub will only last a week and cost between £3.77 (on subscription) and £4.19 a day.

Pumpkin Powder, as a guideline -

🐶 Small dogs (under 10kg) need 1 scoop a day.

In testing the pouch lasted 24 days and cost between £0.60 (on subscription) and £0.66 a day.

🐶 Large dogs ( over 26kg) require 3 scoops a day.

The pouch will last 8 days and cost between £1.80 (on subscription) and £2.00 a day

Buddy & Lola Supplement Storage Tin

Regardless of which you choose, Buddy & Lola offer a storage tin to help keep those supplements fresh and easy to administer (a game changer for tricky to measure powders). The storage tin is FREE with new subscriptions or available to buy separately with one-off orders.

Our Verdict - The bottom line is that Pumpkin Power will work out cheaper than the Scoot Stopper especially for dogs weighing over 18kg when the number of chews required becomes very expensive.

However we feel that for small dogs, Scoot Stopper is a hassle-free, good value way of adding a supplement to your dog's diet. You can offer the chews as treats at anytime of day.

Signing up for a subscription will save you 10%, Buddy & Lola also offer free delivery on subscriptions and orders over £30, a 30 day money-back guarantee and a next day delivery option (£2.99) if you're in a real rush.

Ingredients: Scoot Stopper - Flaxseed, psyllium husk, dandelion root, pumpkin powder and beet pulp | Pumpkin Powder - Pumpkin

Reasons to Buy

+ All natural products

+ Hassle free soft chews

+ Great value powder

+ Works in under 2 weeks

+ Money back guarantee

Reasons to Avoid

- Chews pricey for large breeds

Buying Options

For 15% OFF the entire Buddy & Lola range (first time purchases only)

enter SMARTBARK15 at checkout

Best anal gland supplements

2. Best Chew Supplement

Dog's Lounge - Scooter

Dog's Lounge are a small UK family company that have an ever-expanding range of premium, natural dog supplements. One of their best selling products is the aptly named Scooter.

Dog's Lounge Scooter, dog anal gland supplement

Formulated by vets, Scooter soft chews contain a natural blend of active ingredients which add extra fibre to your dog's diet that helps to bulk up the stool and help to reduce scooting.

The chicken liver flavoured soft chews can be offered whole or alternatively crumble over your dog's food.

Freddie, like most Cockapoos is very fussy and we normally have to go to elaborate lengths to hide any tablets in high value treats.

No problem with Scooter though ! We didn't need to crumble or hide them.

Freddie ate the soft chews as if they were dog treats straight from our hands. Big plus for Scooter 👍

Dog's Lounge suggest that you should see a reduction in scooting behaviour between 1–2 weeks. We tested Scooter for three weeks and saw a significant improvement.

Let's talk cost. Smaller dogs ( <17kg) need 2 chews daily and larger dogs ( > 45kg) need 4+ chews daily. So costs vary from 61p a day to over £1.23 depending on the weight of your dog.

Dog's Lounge also offer a 10% Subscribe and Save option in addition to a loyalty program. The aptly named Woofs Club, a points based scheme that awards points (woofs) every time you make a purchase, engage with Dog's Lounge on social media, refer a friend and more. Your woofs can then be used towards future purchases and free shipping.

Ingredients: Beet pulp, psyllium seed husk, flaxseed, dandelion root and pumpkin.

Reasons to Buy

+ All natural product

+ Highly palatable

+ Easy to administer soft chews

+ Works in under 2 weeks

+ Money back guarantee

Reasons to Avoid

- Could be pricey for heavier dogs

Buying Options

​You might be interested ....

The Dog's Lounge range also includes Chomper, a natural dog plaque remover which we feature in our product round-up article Best Dog Plaque Removers

dog with healthy anal glands

3. Best Value Supplement


Our last option is Glandex from US company Vetnique. They offer an assortment of all-natural supplements, and Glandex is one of their best selling products specifically designed for dog anal gland health.

Glandex anal gland supplement

The patented Glandex scientific formula works in multiple ways to keep the anal glands healthy They use a unique fibre blend to help promote bulky and firm stools.

Glandex is available in two forms - powder and soft chews (peanut butter flavour) depending on which your dog prefers.

They state that on average, dogs see results within 3–5 weeks but it can take up to a 8 weeks to fully benefit.

It's worth noting that there can be mild side effects, related to the increased fibre content in Glandex. These can include loose stools and gas/flatulence. You can avoid these side effects by giving half the recommended amount for the first 5–7 days to allow your dog to adjust to the increased fibre content in Glandex.

When calculating prices per day, the powder works out better value than the soft chews. A small 70g tub of powder costs between 23p a day (dogs under 11kg) to £1.00 a day (dogs over 34kg) so significantly cheaper than the first two options.

The one flaw with the powder is the lack of measuring scoop. This sounds like a minor issue but with a small dog you need to be able to accurately measure out 1/8th tsp !

A hugely popular US supplement with countless 5 star reviews but with possible short term side effects.

Ingredients : Pumpkin Seed, Apple Pectin, Quercetin Dihydrate, Bromelain & Probiotics

Reasons to Buy

+ Available in both soft chews & powder form

+ All natural ingredients

+ Best value

Reasons to Avoid

- No measuring scoop

- Possibly more short-term side effects

Buying Options

You may be interested in our article on the Best Dog Cone of Shame Alternatives 2024


Our Verdict

All four products we feature can provide a healthy fibre boost to your dog's diet, firming up stools and helping to maintain healthy anal glands.

If you're looking to 'Boot the Scoot', we'd recommend visiting your vet first to get your dog's anal glands expressed and once they're emptied, start using one of these recommended supplements to keep them healthy and prevent them from blocking again.

Which option you choose, is really down to whether you think your dog will prefer a soft chew or a powder sprinkled onto your dog's food.

An initial visit to the vet can also make sure that the glands are not infected and double check that's the source of your dogs issue.

dog paw graphic


Can my dog have Weetabix to help with scooting?

Generally more fibre in your dogs diet will help with anal gland health and reduce scooting. However Weetabix also has sugar and salt to make it more palatable for humans. Pumpkin is a far healthier alternative.

How can I tell that my dog's anal glands are full ?

To start with your dog will be scooting and licking excessively. You may also notice a little leaking out in brown patches on the carpet or floors with a pungent smell.

Thank you for stopping by and reading our article on Best Dog Scooting Treatments



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