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The Best Alternatives to the Dog Cone of Shame

Updated: Aug 3

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Whether they’re suffering from a little cut, skin allergy or recovering from an operation, keeping your four-legged friend away from their wound is difficult.

The traditional way of preventing a dog from licking their wounds is to fit them with a dog cone. These have various names - Elizabethan Collar, E collar, Buster Collar or simply known as the Cone of Shame they all work in the same way - stopping your dog accessing their wounds and licking them.

Whilst these dog cones are very effective, the downside is that your poor pooch is undeniably uncomfortable.

Luckily for them, the traditional dog cone has evolved and there are now a whole range of protective dog collar and cone options for dog parents to choose from.

Cartoon dog wearing a cone of shame

Buying Guide for Dog Cones

There are two main options, stick with a more traditional yet updated cone which is worn around their neck and attaches to their collar or opt for a surgical onesie, which as it suggests is worn to cover the affected area.

Whichever option you choose, check the sizing carefully to make sure it's as comfortable as possible whilst making sure your dog can't manage to reach the affected area.

We've searched high and low to bring you today's best alternatives to the classic cone of shame, all available in the UK.

Our Top 5 Picks for Alternatives to the Cone of Shame

1. Emwel Inflatable Dog Collar

Inflatable collars are extremely popular with dog lovers as their design improves your dog's field of vision which in turn will help keep your dog calmer. Be aware though an inflatable collar may not be suitable for a paw or leg wound as your dog may still be able to reach it.

Dog wearing an inflatable dog collar

The inner 'donut' tube is easily inflated by mouth and fits snugly inside a soft nylon cover which is not only removable but washable too.

There are 3 loops on the inside to attach to your dog's own collar to keep it firmly in place.

The collar has an adjustable velcro strap to ensure the best fit. Available in three sizes.

Dimensions - (neck ) : Small 16 - 26 cm, Medium 25 - 34 cm, Large 41 - 60 cm

Reasons to Buy

+ 3 size options

+ Adjustable velcro strap

+ Washable cover

Reasons to Avoid

- May not be suitable for leg wounds

2. Comfy Cone for Dogs

All Four Paws have patented this soft cone-shaped collar made with foam-backed padded nylon. It's sturdy without the rigidity of the more traditional plastic dog cones.

Dachshund wearing a comfy cone for dogs

The headline feature, is that it can easily be flipped down to the neck and shoulders to allow your dog to eat and drink.

This dog cone includes rigid plastic rods which you can remove if you are looking for more flexibility.

Vet tested, approved and available in 8 different sizes with an option for an additional extender and 2 colours.

A detailed sizing guide with neck to snout and neck circumference measurements will ensure you order the most suitable size.

Dimensions - (neck ) : Extra small to Extra large

Reasons to Buy

+ 8 size options

+ Removable rods

+ Vet approved

Reasons to Avoid

- Pricier than some options

3. Dog Recovery Cone

The Canadian designed ProCone from ZenPet is soft and flexible making it a comfortable solution as a recovery collar.

Dog wearing a ProCone recovery dog cone

The clever design incorporates soft canvas along with windows sections to help with visibility.

The cone can be fully opened so it can be wrapped around your dog's neck rather than being pushed over their head.

ProCone is lightweight and durable with the has the added bonus of being machine washable.

Just like the Comfy Cone featured above, it can fold back for eating and drinking.

Dimensions - (neck ) : Small ( 20 - 30 cm) thru to Extra large ( 45 -58 cm)

Reasons to Buy

+ Good value

+ Window sections

+ Machine washable

Reasons to Avoid

4. Dog Recovery Suit

A popular option is a dog recovery suit or onesie which prevents your dog touching their wound easily. If your dog is more likely to lick at a wound instead of scratch or bite, this could be a great good option.

Cockapoo wearing a dog recovery onesie

Onesies have the added bonus of providing a second line of protection if your pet is Houdini with a collar.

The design is not too fitted around their belly to allow air to circulate around the wound and also to help keep it dry. It's therefore ideal for spay and neuter surgery.

This recovery suit by Suitical Store is available in a blue and pink camouflage.

It's available in a wide range of 10 sizes to suit all breeds of dog. The handy video online explains how to measure your dog before ordering to get the best fit possible.

Pro tip - Consider ordering two suits, so you have one available whilst you wash the other one.

Dimensions - (length of back ) : Small ( 22 cm) thru to Extra large ( 92 cm)

Reasons to Buy

+ Lots of size options

+ Machine washable

+ Could work with a collar

Reasons to Avoid

- Pricier than a basic cone

5. Adjustable Dog Cone

Dog wearing a traditional dog cone

If you are looking for a more traditional looking collar, this one from In Hand, has an extra padded liner for comfort around your dog's neck.

They've also thought about your home by adding a soft padded outer edge so your paintwork isn't scratched as your poor dog manoeuvres round their home.

A slight update on the traditional cone it's available in pink or blue in a range of 7 sizes with a handy sizing guide online.

Dimensions - (neck circumference ) : Small (17 cm) thru to Extra large ( 42 cm)

Reasons to Buy

+ Lots of size options

+ Puppy size available

+ Great Value

Reasons to Avoid

- Possibly not as comfortable as other options

If none of these dog cone alternatives takes your fancy, why not be creative with a standard cone like this dog parent in Canada !

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Best Alternatives to the Dog Cone of Shame.