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Best AirTag Dog Collars & Holders

Updated: 4 days ago

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At Smart Bark, we adore the latest tech and having just bought an AirTag to attach to our car keys, we started thinking.... could we use this to track a dog ?

Someone holding an Apple AirTag

AirTag tracking devices were launched by Apple and it's fair to say that they've taken the world by storm.

Small, light, relatively cheap and easy to use, they were created to find your keys, wallets, other small devices that can easily get misplaced. Although they're marketed as trackers, in our opinion they are selling peace of mind.

Whilst AirTags weren’t designed to track your dog, you could use them for this purpose. After all they are a cheap, very user friendly and a reliable option with exceptionally long battery life.

However, if you want to be 100% sure that you will be able to track your dog at any given time and in any condition, you should invest in a tracker specifically designed with your dog in mind. If you're interested then read our deep-dive review of the Best GPS Trackers for Dogs Review.

We've created this Buying Guide to help you decide whether AirTag tracking would be a good option for you and your four-legged friend.

Once you've bought your AirTag, you then need to buy an accessory to attach it to something. So we also share our picks of the best AirTag dog collars and holders to buy in the UK.


1. Can I use an AirTag to Track my Dog ?

Possibly! What's undeniable is that AirTags have some great qualities that rival even the best GPS trackers for dogs on the market—and at a far lower price.

Apple Airtag on a dog

AirTags are splash, water, and dust resistant and exceptionally light, so they make a an ideal tracking device for your four-legged friend.

But they also have critical weaknesses that may make them unsuitable for some dog lovers. Before you decide, let's take a look at how AirTags work versus traditional GPS trackers.

2. How do AirTags Work for Dogs ?

Most dog trackers on the market use GPS satellites and cellular connections to track your dog. This is an accurate but can be an expensive option, often with subscription payments.

Unlike dog trackers, AirTags don’t use GPS technology, and they don’t connect to the internet.

They use secure Bluetooth signals informing you of their location. You can access their location if you open your “Find My” app on your Apple device.

Apple airtag iphone screenshot

However, if your dog runs away, or gets lost, the AirTag won't be in your Bluetooth range anymore. So how do you track your dog then?

You can still locate your dog anywhere, because the AirTag can talk to other people's iPhones, and borrow that iPhone's GPS and 4G connectivity to tell you where they are.

Equally, if someone finds your dog and sees the AirTag, they can tap it and see the information you provided, such as your name and phone number, and contact you immediately.

With almost a billion iPhones on the planet, there's a pretty good chance that a lost AirTag will get the chance to phone home to you at some point, making this potentially a more reliable tracking system than some others on the market.

3. Are AirTags better than GPS Trackers?

That really depends on where you live. If you live in an urban area, they will be very effective. More people, means more Apple iPhone users.

However, they’re not an ideal solution in more remote areas of the UK where there will be considerably less Apple devices about. You won’t be able to track your dog if it runs away across fields since there will be no devices nearby that can mark the location of your AirTag.

Dog in grass

In short, if you have a canine Harry Houdini and you feel you need to track your dog all the time, we would suggest a GPS tracker designed specifically for dogs.

If, on the other hand you live in an urban area and you're simply looking for a little more peace of mind than your dog's collar ID tag can provide, for significantly less money, then an AirTag is an ideal option.

4. Can I fit an AirTag to my Dog’s Collar?

The simple answer is yes. As the AirTag itself is simply a metal disc, it needs a protective holder to attach to your dog’s collar. You have two options available to you :-

  • A specialised collar which secures the AirTag in an anti-slip pocket so that it can't fall out when your dog runs and shakes.

  • An AirTag holder which simply attaches to your dog’s favourite collar.

All the AirTag holders we feature attach to the collar at both the top and bottom of the tag so they don't hang down annoying your dog and potentially catching on something.

In short, the only way the AirTag accessories we feature will come off your dog, is if you remove the whole collar.

For those of you with pups that love the water, the AirTag itself is IP67 rated for water and dust resistance. That means it's 100% protected against solid objects like dust and sand, and it has been tested to work for at least 30 minutes while under 15cm to 1m of water.

Since AirTags were not designed for dog tracking, Apple doesn’t offer any official dog collar accessories.

We've discovered a whole range of nicely designed products to keep your AirTag firmly attached to your dog from bespoke collars to protective cases.

dog paw graphic

5. Our Picks of the Best AirTag Dog Collars & Accessories

FollowPaw AirTag Dog Collar

Best for most Dogs

FollowPaw offer a beautiful and stylish collar with a hidden pocket for your AirTag.

Dog wearing FollowPaw AirTag collar in natural

The collar has been designed around an AirTag using Fidlock technology.

A unique magnetic, mechanical fastener will ensure that your AirTag is secure and won't fall out when your dog shakes and spins.

The collar itself is made from eco-friendly, vegan, sustainable cork fabric which is safe and highly durable.

Natural cork fabric, also known as cork leather, is made from shavings directly from the cork oak tree. This can be done without harming the tree itself because the outer bark is able to regenerate itself!

Yes, admittedly they are more expensive than a simple holder, but they are ideal for design lovers and dog owners looking for a beautifully designed collar.

Made in Europe, FollowPaw collars have received countless 5 star reviews. They are available in a choice of black or natural and in four sizes.

Our Verdict - We think that the FollowPaw collar is the safest and most eco-friendly AirTag dog collar available in the UK today.

Reasons to Buy

+ Secured using Fidlock technology

+ Beautifully designed collar

+ Eco-friendly materials

Reasons to Avoid

+ More expensive than a simple holder

Buying Options

Keepaws AirTag Dog Collar

Best Luxury Collar Option

This is the original and the best leather AirTag collar.

Keepaws leather AirTag dog collar

Beware of cheap imitations that aren't crafted in the same way and haven't been subjected to the same rigorous testing

The Keepaws™ collar is crafted from high quality leather and the inner liner has multiple layers for comfort.

The design includes a moulded leather pocket to hold your AirTag and two additional copper studs to keep it secure.

Available in black and this totally gorgeous tan, the collar is adjustable, available in four sizes and has received great customer reviews.

Our Verdict - It's difficult to find well-designed AirTag holders and collars that look stylish on your dog as well as keeping the AirTag safe and secure. These collars from Keepaws are perfect.

Reasons to Buy

+ Quality leather

+ Integral AirTag pocket

+ Padded for comfort

+ Size options

Reasons to Avoid

+ If you're looking for a vegan option

Buying Options

If you like already have a favourite collar and are simply looking for a holder to attach your AirTag, there are some great options on the market. We've extensively tested a whole range of holders and these are the ones we would recommend.

Case-Mate Dog AirTag Case

Best for Night Walks

Case-Mate is the industry leader in stylish and well designed phone cases and mobile accessories, so they know a thing or two about keeping our tech safe. They have extended their range to include AirTag cases with some aimed at pets.

Case-Mate AirTag case

We particularly liked this case which is available in a 'Glow in the Dark' white making it perfect for late night walks.

All their range is water-resistant so perfect for those dogs that love to swim. It has a durable outer shell and after inserting your AirTag it simply threads onto your dog's collar.

Suitable for collars measuring up to 2.5cm wide. It's lightweight so your dog won't even know it's there and is also available in black and an eye-catching lime green.

Our Verdict - When tested, we felt that Case-Mate was a nicely designed and well built AirTag case which felt secure.

Reasons to Buy

+ Good quality

+ Sturdy design

+ Colour options

+ Glow in the Dark option

+ Best suited to 2.5cm wide collars

Reasons to Avoid

+ Not the cheapest holder

Buying Options

Ankilo AirTag Dog Collar Holder

Value AirTag Collar Cases

Following extensive testing we've added these cases from Ankilo.

Ankilo AirTag protective case for dogs on a collar

Available in a two pack of black and glow-in-the-dark green or black and blue. Like the other cases featured, this soft silicone case is designed to protect your AirTag from scratches and is shock-resistant.

The new upgraded design fits the AirTag better. The case has a double fastening designed to keep it secure on your dog's collar and is extremely lightweight

We found during testing that the Ankilo cases kept the AirTag secure and they were a snug fit on a 2.5 cm (1 inch), medium width collar.

We also loved the glow-in-the-dark case - extremely bright.

Our Verdict - We recommend these AirTag holders if you're looking for a great value and secure AirTag case.

Dimensions: 5cm x 3.5cm x 1.7cm

Reasons to Buy

+ Good value option

+ Secure

+ Great glow-in-the-dark option

+ Best suited to 2.5cm wide collars

Reasons to Avoid

+ Only available in a two pack

Buying Options

FYY Protective AirTag Case

Best for slim collars

This AirTag case from FYY is designed to fit on slim collars so will be perfectly suited to small dogs, puppies or even cats.

FYY Protective AirTag case on a dog's collar

Fitting flush on your dog's collar, these silicone AirTag holders are available in a two pack of black and blue or black and pale pink.

When testing, we felt that they threaded really easily onto your dog's collar and the front hollowed out pattern is designed to ensure that it doesn't muffle the AirTag noise.

They add minimum weight to the collar and are scratch proof.

Our Verdict - A good design and great value holder suitable for slim collars with a width of less than 1.2cm.

Dimensions : diameter 3.6cm, depth 1.8cm

Reasons to Buy

+ Good value option

+ Great for puppies or small dogs

+ Pack of 2

+ Best for 1.2cm wide collars

Reasons to Avoid

+ Not designed for wide collars

Apple Air Tag

The AirTag itself is available direct from Apple or through the Apple store on Amazon, unfortunately it is not included with any of the accessories we've featured in this article.

Apple AirTag

AirTags are available singularly or in a value pack of 4, so you could attach them to keys, bag, purse and dog. They include a long life CR2032 battery designed to keep going for more than a year.

Battery replacements are widely available. The technology in the AirTag needs to be paired with a iPhone SE, iPhone 6s or later.

If purchased from the Apple store you can add free engraving, although they only offer 3/4 characters.

Dimensions : diameter 31.9 mm, height 8.0 mm, weight is 11 grams

Buying Options

dog paw graphic

6. Our Verdict

Although Apple doesn't want you to use their AirTags to track your dog, many dog lovers have nevertheless gone ahead and used them very effectively to track their four-legged friend.

The important thing to remember is that AirTags are an excellent compromise between your dog's microchip alone and a more expensive traditional GPS tracker. They offer a degree of peace of mind at a very low price.

As long as you are aware of their limitations there is no reason you shouldn't get one for your dog.

Ultimately though, if you live with a true escape artist, the AirTag may not be the best option.

You might be interested in our popular article reviewing dog harnesses and including an escape-proof harness from Snootiful Hound.

dog paw graphic

7. The Rivals

So lets' take a look at your other options.

GPS Trackers for Dogs

You could consider a GPS tracker designed specifically for dogs such as the Pawfit, Tractive or Weenect Trackers.

Dog wearing Pawfit GPS tracker on collar

They are all accomplished GPS devices but most of them have monthly subscription plans.

However, they won't cost the earth as some plans work out as low as £3.75 a month.

It's worth bearing in mind that they do need cellular network coverage to work. Nevertheless, with a 30 day money back guarantee, you have the option to buy and test the device works where you live and most importantly walk.

It's the headline features of GPS devices designed specifically for our four-legged friends that would sway me.

Tractive GPS Tracker for Dogs

The first thing to say is they include reliable live tracking which updates every few seconds for super accurate location. Definitely needed if your dog goes missing.

Oh!, and there's the option to add virtual fences with escape alerts. Activity monitoring is standard so you can see just how many active and rest hours your dog has enjoyed alongside location history.

If you're interested, we put three of the best pet trackers through their paces in our Best GPS Trackers for Dogs Review.

Activity Monitors

If you're more interested in tracking your dogs activity levels, you could explore Activity Monitors. They're a great option for helping you keep your best friend in tip-top condition.

Activity monitors for dogs

You could think of them as a Fitbit for dogs, mounted on their collar, sensors monitor your dog’s movement and rest giving you a picture of their activity levels. It’s a fun way to encourage you and your dog to be active.

We take a closer look at 3 activity monitor on the UK market - PitPat, Pooch Play and FitBark in our test - Best Dog Activity Trackers Tested 2024 : Fitbit for Dogs

dog paw graphic

Thanks for dropping by and reading our article on the Best AirTag Dog Collars & Holders.



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