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Is the Petacarium Portable Dog Shower Your Next Must-Have Pet Grooming Tool?

Updated: Apr 10

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It's that time of year when our lovely summer dog walks descend into mud-splattered dogs, wellies and cars. Sometimes it seems like we spend more time cleaning the aftermath than actually dog walking.

Let's face it, dog's love to walk whatever the weather, but it's a real challenge during the wet and muddy months watching your car suffer from mud-caked dog !

Two muddy dogs

One solution could be to invest in a portable dog washer to clean your dog before they jump back in the car.

Petacarium are a small family run business based in the UK. They know a thing or two about dogs, as they're not only pet owners but run a successful dog walking, day-care and boarding business.

They designed the Petacarium portable shower device to be so versatile it could be used to wash anything from dogs to boots, surfboards and even children all on-the-go!

What Petacarium says makes their shower unique, is that it comes equipped with a neoprene jacket which keeps the water warm for hours. This means you should be able to use warm water to wash your dog hours after filling it.

But how good is it really ? There's only one way to find out. This is our Petacarium portable dog shower review.

Petacarium dog shower range


dog paw graphic

What is a Portable Dog Shower ?

Portable showers are mobile devices used to conveniently wash dogs with less hassle. The best portable showers have their own water tank and should be able to easily wash hard to reach places whilst exerting enough water pressure to get the job done.

Some are battery operated but most are simply pressurised by hand with a pump which is ideal if you have an anxious dog as they operate silently.

Portable showers are also eco-friendly as they use significantly less water than a garden hose or pressure washer.

If you're in a rush, we think that the Petacarium dog shower is the best dog washer on the market. It's well designed, easy to fill, easy to pressurise and keeps the water warm.

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1. Petacarium Dog Shower Review : Design & Build

The Petacarium range consists of two sizes of portable showers the 5L and the 8L. Each one comes with an insulating neoprene jacket, a 1.3m hose and an 8-setting shower head.

Petacarium portable dog washer in red

For our review we tested their larger 8L model.

Our first impression was good, it certainly has a pretty classy design as far as portable showers go. Resembling an oxygen tank with curved, smooth lines it's all wrapped in a colourful neoprene jacket.

The handle felt sturdy and well made, perfect for pumping to pressurise the water flow. We liked that when not in use, the handle locks into a closed position for storage.

Another big positive in terms of design is the adjustable shoulder strap. An 8L cylinder of water can be fairly heavy, so a shoulder strap is a thoughtful addition.

Petacarium shower with dog and towel

The shower head included with the Petacarium 5L and 8L models has an adjustable dial so you can alter the stream of water (mist, spray, stream) just as you would with a traditional garden sprayer and a handy on/off lever.

Petacarium also offer a brush accessory which can be bought separately. The Pet Shower Brush has silicon bristles and an on/off switch to help you wash your dog one-handed.

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2. Petacarium Dog Shower Review : Performance

We loved that it's truly portable which is a must for washing your dog on-the-go. There is no need for additional hoses, buckets of water or electricity.

Handle on dog shower

Designed to work silently (great for anxious dogs) by pressurising with a few hand pumps, we found the handle very easy to use and after a few compressions the water pressure was respectable.

No portable shower will be able to match your hose pipe water pressure, but the Petacarium certainly exerts enough force to clean your dog's paws and coat.

We did need to re-pressurise a couple of times mid-clean, but that's to be expected.

Crucially the shower head worked well and there's an integral on/off lever to help control the flow of water at your fingertips so it has lots of uses at home and in the garden - bikes, football boots, BBQ's, even hanging basket.

Petacarium Shower head and Pet Shower Brush

It's fair to say that we've tested a variety of portable showers and have found that a combination shower/ brush is the best way to clean your muddy dog.

So we preferred the Petacarium Pet Shower brush to the standard shower head and it did a better job of removing stubborn mud from our dog's coat.

The truth is that the neoprene jacket is a game changer ! We ran several tests at different water temperatures to assess the jacket.

Whilst we don't claim to be scientists working in lab conditions, we did use a thermometer and established that the water stayed warm for over 4 hours.

Petacarium Portable Shower for dogs in car boot

So you and your dog can enjoy some lovely long winter dog walks followed by a warm shower for your dog and your wellies. What more could you ask for ?

The volume of water makes the full 8L version fairly heavy to carry to the car, so we appreciated the handy shoulder strap, it definitely made life easier.

Saying that, if you've got a small to medium sized dog you may want to consider the smaller and lighter 5L portable washer.

Once at the car, the strap is fully adjustable so it can be used to secure the Petacarium to your car headrests. Clever stuff!

The only downside we found was the hose length. We felt that a longer hose would be useful when showering a big dog to get to all those tricky to reach areas. But we consider this a flaw not a dealbreaker and longer 2m hoses are available, but at an additional cost.

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Our Verdict

We felt that the Petacarium Portable Shower looks and feels premium in every way. It's nicely designed and well built, ticking all the boxes for a portable dog washer.

Easy to fill and use, the addition of a shoulder strap really helps transport it to and from the car.

Both the 8L and 5L versions come in an array of colours with fancy neoprene jackets which worked exceptionally well at keeping your water warmer for longer.

An range of accessories are available including longer hoses, additional jackets, microfibre towels and of course the pet shower brush.

Reasons to Buy

+ Well designed portable shower

+ Available in 2 sizes - 5L & 8L

+ Insulated jacket included

+ Range of colours & designs

+ Handy shoulder strap

+ Range of additional accessories

Reasons to Avoid

- Pet shower brush is extra

- Longer 2m hoses are extra

Buying Options

If you're faced with a small clean up job, take a look at our Best Dog Wipes Review. Incredibly versatile, they are super handy to keep by the back door or in the car for a speedy clean up.

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Petacarium Alternatives

Not sold on the Petacarium ? Are there other portable washers on the market ? The honest answer is 'Yes'.

If you're interested, why not checkout our review on the Best Portable Dog Washers available in the UK for 2024

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Dog Towels

Nobody likes that wet dog smell or them rubbing against sofa and carpets when they're wet ! So it's worth buying a towel designed specifically to take the hassle out of drying your dog

Hooded dog towels by DotDotPet

Dot Dot Pet are an innovative, award winning new company offering a capsule range of pet care products.

Everything from the bamboo towels to the shampoos and eco towels (single use and biodegradable) are not only well designed, but they look nice around your home too.

They are also great for your carbon pawprint as their whole product range is responsibly sourced and sustainably made.

dog wearing DotDotPet dog towel

So why do we love their dog towels so much ?

Arguably the best feature is their drying hand pockets and a hood, which helps you dry your dog without getting wet yourself. This was a game-changer for us ! We loved the pockets, they made drying quick and easy.

Not only perfect for after walks but a great bath time investment too.

DotDotPet's towels are soft and absorbent which you'd expect but they're also light enough to throw in a dog walking bag for a quick dry after a sudden downpour or dip in the river !

Made from sustainable materials (45% bamboo, 35% polyester & 20% cotton), the towels are available in two sizes, so you have a choice depending on the size of your dog -

🐾 Small 50 x 50 cm (pink & purple)

🐾 Large 75 x 75 cm (orange & purple)


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Thanks for dropping by and reading our review of the Petacarium Portable Dog Shower



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