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Pure Pet Food Review : Healthy, Tailored and Delivered

Updated: Apr 11

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Raw and fresh dog foods have become really popular in recent years thanks to their minimally processed and nutrient-rich formulas, but one of the major downsides to these foods is that they require refrigeration.

If you’re looking to upgrade from standard kibble to something more nutritious but don't have freezer and fridge space, an air-dried dog food like Pure might be the answer you're looking for.

Dog eating Pure Pet Food

Compared to most supermarket brands, Pure dog food is leaps ahead. It's one of a range of companies revolutionising the face of dog food in the UK.

By selling online, Pure are able to tailor their meal plans to suit your dog's specific needs, making it an ideal dog food for dogs suffering from allergies and sensitive stomachs.

With three recipes aimed specifically at dogs suffering from renal issues and designed to limit progression of kidney disease, if your dog suffers from kidney disease or renal issues then we would recommend taking a closer look at Pure.

Oh, and there's the fact that it's delivered right to your front door - now that's some serious convenience.

Pure clearly aren't the only company to offer tailored dog food, but what makes them stand out from the crowd is that their all-natural, nutritious dog food can be stored at room temperature so no need for massive freezer storage space.

We love the idea of a low-maintenance food that’s customised for your dog, so we decided to put Pure to the test.

If you're in a rush....

Pure certainly ticks a lot of boxes for us including easy storage, delivered to your door and most importantly the option to tailor the food to meet your dog's nutritional requirements. Following an in-depth test, we believe that Pure offers a healthier alternative to kibble.

If your dog suffers from skin issues, allergies or digestive problems, we would recommend taking a closer look at Pure dog food as a great option for food-sensitive fur babies.

Pure are currently offering 30% OFF your first box and 10% OFF the next two boxes


Pure Pet Food Review

6. Cost

The Rivals

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1. What is Pure Pet Food ?

Before you read about our test, let's answer a few questions.

Founded back in 2012 , Pure is the brainchild of childhood friends Dan & Matt from Yorkshire. They didn't like the idea of feeding their dogs over-processed dog food with a list of unrecognisable ingredients.

Pure dog food ingredients

They discovered that by using an air-drying technique, they could deliver high-quality dog food without the harmful processes involved in producing kibble.

All the Pure recipes are minimally processed and each ingredient is finely chopped to ensure they're super digestible.

The food is then gently air-dried at a low temperature so the moisture is removed but the food retains it's all important nutrients.

This air drying process is some seriously clever technology.

The team at Pure work closely with industry-leading vets alongside in-house nutritionists to create a dog food that is packed full of the same ingredients as our human food (and in some cases better - duck, salmon, blueberries, strawberries, coconut, sweet potato - beats baked beans on toast any day !)

All you have to do my dog loving friend, is simply add water, stir and serve!

2. What are the Benefits ?

Ok, with so many dog foods on the UK market, why should you consider Pure ?

Let's take a look at how Pure compares to standard kibble (you know the one where you buy big to save money and then struggle to lift the bag into the car!) -

✅ Healthier and more nutritious

✅ More digestible

✅ No artificial additives

✅ Personalised for your dog

✅ Delivered to your door

✅ Sold directly to keep prices low

Benefits of Pure air-dried dog food versus dried kibble

It’s widely understood that wet dog food is generally more appetising, so if you have a fussy pup, chances are Pure will be more appealing than kibble.

It's also worth considering that if you have a dog that’s reluctant to drink enough water, serving a wet food like Pure rather than dried kibble can be a great way to help them stay hydrated.

We only test dog foods which are healthy, so before our test, we checked the 'All About Dog Food' website.

Pure's recipes rank at the top of their nutritional scale with an average rating of 80%.

Because it's completely customised for your dog, their food can take account of any underlying health issues and allergies. So it's extremely popular with owners of dogs suffering from ailments and sensitive stomachs.

Their range includes a collection of recipes for sensitive dogs and those with renal conditions or kidney disease.

All their ingredients are highly digestible to encourage nutrient absorption and ease your pet's upset stomach. In fact, an astonishing 90% of dogs have seen an improvement, simply take a look at the amazing reviews on their website.

A personalised plan, just for your pup !

3. How is Pure Tailored to my Dog ?

This is the clever bit. By taking a 3 minute online quiz, Pure can tailor the recipes to fit your dog's unique nutritional needs.

Pure Pet food online quiz

You create a profile for your dog based on their age, weight, breed, and activity levels along with any allergies and underlying health conditions. Pure then use all this information to guide you in your selection, to ensure the food will suit your dog.

Next you simply select from their new collection of handcrafted recipes - 🐾 Herring + white fish & garden greens 🐾 Lamb + coconut & sweet potato 🐾 Duck + veggies & blueberry 🐾 Chicken + garden greens & strawberry 🐾 Beef + carrots, broccoli & coconut 🐾 Salmon + strawberries & courgettes 🐾 Turkey + broccoli, spinach & fruit

Seriously, your dog will be eating better than you!

Click for 30% OFF your first box & 10% OFF your next two

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4. Ordering and Delivery

So that's all the questions answered, but crucially, what did we think when testing Pure dog food ?

Firstly, we created an online profile for Freddie and were asked the obvious questions such as age, breed, weight and average daily exercise.

Interestingly, there were additional, more searching questions about allergies, how picky Freddie is with his food, current diet and number of treats offered daily.

Pure dog food packaging

Pure analyse all your dog's data then offer a selection of recipes. Although they suggest the two they deem to be most appropriate for your Transition Pack, you can change the selection.

They regularly expand their range of recipes and enhance their existing recipes so they smell and look even more appetising.

The online tailored plan, specified exactly how many calories Freddie would need each day and how many scoops that equated to. We love this approach as it's so easy to fall into the overfeeding trap.

As promised the dog food arrives with everything you need, including scoops and a Transition Pack. We love that the scoops were even labelled - one for food and one for water, so they really have thought of everything.

Pure pet food transition pack

The in-depth, complimentary Transition Pack explains how to gradually change your dog's diet over a period of time. This gradual transition is perfect for dogs who have been fed commercial dry foods their whole lives.

They tend to be more susceptible to dietary changes, so this a careful transition is essential and can take anything from a few days to two weeks.

There is also a leaflet aimed specifically at fussy dogs, with some handy hints and tips.

Changing your dog's diet can be quite stressful so we were impressed that Pure also included a handy Help Sheet with a direct number for their Customer Service team.

5. The Food

Now to try the food ! As the ingredients in the air dried food have been gently heated to remove the moisture, you'll need to add the water back in.

Dishing up Pure Pet Food

We simply added the recommended scoops of food to Freddie's bowl along with the suggested water amount. You can of course, add more or less water depending on the consistency your dog prefers.

We chose to add slightly more water than recommended because we were testing during the warm summer months and we wanted to ensure Freddie stayed hydrated.

We left the food to stand for a good 2–3 minutes so the ingredients were hydrated.

The first thing we noticed was the smell. With a picky Cockapoo, we're very aware that the aroma can have a massive impact on whether your dog chooses to eat a particular food. The minute we added the warm water, it released a meaty aroma and Freddie immediately wandered over !

Consistency wise, it looks similar to raw dog food but maybe a bit more 'paste' like. We would have preferred the food to look a little more chunky, but I'm guessing that the air-drying method creates this consistency.

We've found that high-quality dog foods are increasingly adding natural ‘functional foods’ which can improve your dog’s quality of life as they mature.

We noticed from the ingredients list that Pure are no exception, adding blueberries, prebiotic chicory, spinach and coconut for their high nutritional values.

Dog eating Pure pet food

As you can see Freddie happily started eating his new food.

Without the health concerns associated with raw dog food, we felt comfortable putting the dog bowl and utensils in the dishwasher. Usually, we try to keep all the raw food utensils and bowls separate from our human kitchen stuff.

So one less thing to worry about. What's more, there was no mad panic when we realised that we'd forgotten to defrost his food in advance.

6. Cost

Let's talk money !

Pure's plans start at around £7 per week. Costs will obviously vary based on your dog's age, weight and other factors. We recommend taking the 3 minute online quiz to get an accurate plan price.

You can easily make savings by opting to have the food delivered every 8 weeks rather than every 4 weeks ( which is a no-brainer !). Additionally you can choose to feed 100% Pure or 75% and top up meals with another food.

Pure are currently running an introductory offer of 30% off your first box, so it's an ideal time to try their food at a great price.

Their service offers free delivery and it's super easy to modify, pause, or cancel your subscription at anytime.

You can start off your subscription with their two-week trial and after a successful transition, your dog's recipe will be billed and delivered every 28 days. We loved that the costs are transparent, so you know exactly what you'll be spending on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Ultimately, if you feel that your dog isn't 100% happy with Pure, they'll work with you to get it right !

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Pure offers a healthier alternative to kibble for dog lovers who don’t necessarily want to switch their dog to fresh, raw or home cooked food.

Whilst being nutritionally rich, typically fresh and home cooked foods can work out to be very expensive and raw dog food has hygiene concerns for many dog lovers.

Pure certainly ticks a lot of boxes for us including easy storage, delivered to your door and most importantly the option to tailor the food to meet your dog's nutritional requirements.

The on-line quiz was incredibly easy to complete and we loved that you could explore without needing to enter an email address.

If your dog suffers from skin issues, allergies or digestive problems, we would recommend taking a closer look at Pure dog food as a great option for food-sensitive fur babies.

Click for 30% OFF your first box & 10% OFF your next two

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All dogs are different and unfortunately there isn't a 'one size fits all' dog food. Thousands of dog food options are available, so choosing the right dog food can be tough.

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Thanks for dropping by and reading our Pure Pet Food Review : Healthy, Tailored and Delivered.


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17 may 2023

I’ve decided to give Pure a try for my Chihuahua, I look at the dry kibble and think how awful! He turns his nose up, after trying so many, so will see how he enjoys his own recipe.

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Smart Bark
Smart Bark
19 may 2023
Contestando a

Thanks for taking the time to comment. Hopefully your Chihuahua likes Pure, the smell and texture should help entice him.

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