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How to keep your Dog Cool through Summer

Updated: 4 days ago

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Dogs can get really hot during the summer months especially as they enjoy tearing around and laying in the sun. Unlike us, our canine friends don't have sweat glands so have a harder time cooling themselves down. Dogs are susceptible to heat rash, heat stroke, and even skin cancer just as we are. The problem is they can't cool off like we can, they need a little help. 

So, how can you help keep our canines cool in hot weather? We offer some tips, tricks, and cool product ideas that can help you and your dog stay cool this summer.

Dog cooling down in a swimming pool

Simple Ideas to Keep your Dog Cool

If you're feeling warm, chances are they are too. Ideally dogs should be encouraged to stay in cool, shady areas but this isn't always possible. Here are some simple ideas for helping your four-legged friend keep cool :-

☀️Offer a wet towel to lie on

☀️Add ice cubes to their water

☀️Fill up a paddling pool

☀️Offer access to cool shade

☀️Take plenty of water on walks

☀️Avoid walking on pavements

☀️Plan your dog walks for 8am or 8pm

☀️Give your dog some frozen treats

Here are our top picks for amazing and 'cool' innovations to help us keep our canine companions cool in the heat.

Our Picks of the Top Dog Cooling Products

1. Dog Cooling Mat

The truth is that dogs spend a lot of time laying down and sleeping. A dog cooling mat is a great way to keep them cool when the temperature rises.

Jack Russell on a blue cooling mat from Iokheira

These innovative dog cooling mats use pressure activated gel technology ( yes, that's a thing!) that cools your four-legged friend for up to 3 hours.

Better still, you don’t need to plug this mat in or freeze it to get the for it to work.

The cooling mat works automatically and can be reused after 15-20 minutes of non-use.

It's worth noting that it's also water resistant and it's completely safe as it uses non-toxic materials.

There's lots of dog cooling mats available on the market in various sizes to suit all all breeds from labradors to pugs.This Iokheira mat has been upgraded so it is now more durable and offers stronger seams to avoid leakage.

It's available in 3 sizes, has excellent reviews and is available with Amazon Prime for quick delivery if you need it in a rush.

Dimensions - medium 65 X 50 cm | large 90 X 50 cm | X-large 120 x 80 cm

Reasons to Buy

Works for 3 hours

Self cooling

Reasons to Avoid

If your dog won't lay still

Not suitable for 'chewers'

2. Dog Cooling Vest

For those dogs and puppies that don't like sitting still, a cooling vest could be the answer you're looking for.

Dog wearing a cooling vest

This vest from Ancol is designed to help cool dogs and puppies in hot weather.

Simply immerse the vest in cold water until it is saturated and gently wring out the excess water.

Fit onto your four-legged friend and the moisture evaporating from the vest helping to lower your dog's temperature.

There are 5 sizes available based on only the back length measurement so it probably won't fit as well as a harness which uses multiple measurements and adjustable straps.

Saying that, the velcro fastenings are adjustable for a slightly better fit. But do measure carefully to get the best size and be aware that the neck opening is very large.

It's very lightweight and easy to wash but be aware that the cooling effect doesn't last as long as a cooling mat.

Dimensions - X small 25cm | small 30 cm | medium 40 cm | large 50 cm | XX large 70 cm

Reasons to Buy

Travels with your dog


Reasons to Avoid

Only one measurement

Cooling effect is limited

3. Dog Cooling Bandana

If a jacket doesn’t appeal, how about a cool bandana? The ultimate in cooling on-the-go.

Dog cooling bandana

All For Paws have created a bandana that, when soaked in water, can be wrapped around your dog's neck to help them keep cool.

What's more, it's made from a special material that allows it to stay cooler for longer so it's ideal for summer walks.

Simply pour water over it to keep it cool for longer.

The bandana is fastens with velcro tabs and is available in 4 sizes.

Some great reviews, so if your dog or puppy won't keep still, this could be the answer you're looking for.

Dimensions (neck girth in cms) - small 30-36 | medium 33- 46 | large 44 - 52 | X-large 53-62

Reasons to Buy

Travels with your dog


Reasons to Avoid

Cooling effect is limited

4. Elevated Dog Beds

These are unique beds for dogs. They work by simply lifting your dog off the floor to allow air to flow freely underneath the bed keeping them cooler

Dog on an elevated cooling bed

The base is made from a mesh breathable fabric which offers a cooling effect for your four-legged friend.

There are several elevated beds on the market but this bed from AmazonBasics offers the opportunity to add a canopy to the large size. This could be really useful if you're planning to use the bed in the garden during the summer.

It's available in 5 sizes and replacement covers are available separately.

Dimensions ( in cms) - x-small 70 X 50 | small 90 X 55 | medium 110 X 65 | large 130 X 80 | X-large 153 X 94

Reasons to Buy

Can be used outdoors

Great for hot nights

Canopy available

Reasons to Avoid


5. Dog Bed Canopy

Give your dog their own personal canopy to cover their bed and help them stay cool in the shade.

Dog on an elevated cooling bed with a canopy

 Providing reliable shade can help keep your dog cool. Trees are great, but not every garden has them, or depending on the direction of the sun, they may not help. Portable sun shades, patio umbrellas, and pop-up canopies are great for creating shade in gardens.

This canopy can be easily installed on the Amazon Basics elevated dog bed (large size only- featured above)

Perfect if your garden has limited shade and both the bed and canopy are portable so ideal additions for a day out.

Dimensions ( in cms) - fits large bed only -

Reasons to Buy

Can be used outdoors

Reasons to Avoid


On hot summer days when it's simply too hot to walk your dog, avoid dehydration by always offering clean cool water. Try different bowls around the house and garden, adding a splash of carrot juice, chicken broth, or pieces of a favourite fruit to one of the bowls to encourage drinking. Some dogs enjoy a few ice cubes in their water dish.

Stay safe in the sun - If you suspect your dog is suffering from heat stroke or dehydration, call your vet immediately. For any health-related questions, always consult your vet as they have examined your dog, are aware of the health history, and can therefore make the best recommendations.

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