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Mud Daddy Review - We Test the Portable Dog Washer

Updated: May 26

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Winter dog walks can feel as if you accidentally signed up for a Muddy Dog 5k Challenge with the mud, sweat but no cheers! Your favourite summer walks seem be transformed overnight into muddy swamps.

Tired of the constant muddy car, wellies, dog, hands and kitchen floor at the end of each walk, we decided to put one possible cleaning solution to our mud-covered dilemma through it's paces.

After reading some hugely positive reviews about the Mud Daddy and the company's customer service, we bought and fully tested a Mud Daddy 5L portable washer. Let's take a look at how it performed.

Cockapoo in car boot with a green mu daddy portable dog washer


1. What is the Mud Daddy for Dogs?

2. How does the Mud Daddy Work?

3. How Easy is the Mud Daddy to Use?

4. Our Verdict

5. Mud Daddy Alternatives

6. Lastly.... Dog Drying Coats

7. FAQs

1. What is the Mud Daddy for Dogs ?

Mud Daddy is a home-grown UK company and their flagship product - the Mud Daddy portable dog shower, is hugely popular with dog lovers.

It's marketed as a totally mobile and environmentally friendly solution to washing dogs, wellies, bikes even horses, the list is endless.

The Mud Daddy product range has expanded to include three size options - a 5L, 8L and a whopping 12L version of their portable shower. You can even buy an anti-bacterial shampoo for those dogs that simply adore muddy puddles!

Freddie and his much larger friend Holly, put the compact Mud Daddy 5L model to the test.

Could this innovative little dog shower be the answer to our mud-caked problems?

2. How does the Mud Daddy work ?

The portable washer is incredibly easy to prepare at home before heading out on your dog walk.The hose simply pushes into place and the securing nut screws on by hand (you only need to do this for the first use).

As it was quite a chilly day, we were particularly thoughtful and filled the Mud Daddy with warm water for our pampered pooch (I know he's super spoilt, but who would want a cold shower). You can fill with a shampoo mix for extra dirty dogs.

Even full, it wasn't too heavy to carry to the car and sat neatly in the boot with Freddie.

washing a dog with the mud daddy 5l dog shower

3. How Easy is the Mud Daddy to Use?

After our walk we just pumped the handle to build up the pressure and it was ready to go!

The water flow was better than we'd expected and amazingly it was still fairly warm after our leisurely dog walk. Admittedly it wasn't as powerful as a hosepipe or the bathroom shower but it was warmer than the hosepipe and there would be no muddy dog in the bathroom.

Importantly the 2 metre hose has been designed to give plenty of flexibility to reach all of Freddie's coat and true to their word, it worked silently.

In fact the silent operation is a big selling point and makes it an ideal portable washer for those of us with anxious dogs.

We did need to pressurise the tank a couple of times to maintain a good flow of water, but giving my arms a mini-workout is much more eco-friendly than an electric motor.

At the park with the 5l mud daddy and a cockapoo

Freddie wasn't very keen on the bright green box on the first test run, but to be honest he wasn't very keen on his first few experiences in a bath or a shower at home either.

We used a handful of dog treats and lot of encouragement and sure enough, after a few muddy walks he seemed to know what to expect and he relaxed.

The 5L model dog washer was a perfect size tank for Freddie (12kg Cockapoo) and the brush was great for scrubbing the mud off my wellies after the walks too.

Cleaning dog paws with the mud daddy portable dog shower

Our other tester, Holly (a beautiful German Shepherd), was also initially unsure of the Mud Daddy but as you can see after a couple of trials, she took it in her stride.

Not particularly keen on standing still and having her paws cleaned, Holly was much calmer with two people helping.

A considerably larger dog than Freddie, Holly's parents felt that the Mud Daddy 8L would be a more suitable portable dog shower as they ran out of water towards the end of the rinse.

The combination of water and the integral brush worked really effectively together to remove the mud from both Freddie and Holly with very different types of coat.

4. Our Verdict

We felt that the Mud Daddy portable dog shower is a really original and innovative idea. It certainly does the job of making sure that your dirty dog is mud-free before they leap back in the car and get mud everywhere.

Whereas Mud Daddy's rivals simply offer a portable water hose, Mud Daddy takes the design a step further and offers an integral brush for dislodging those pesky clods of dirt.

As mentioned earlier, the flow of water is obviously not going to be as powerful as your hosepipe, but it will be warmer and it's fully portable.

The 5L version is lightweight enough to throw in the car boot before heading out on a dog walk or you could use at home before letting your pooch back indoors.

You don't need to be on a grand expedition to make use of one either. It's ideal in the winter on any length of dog walk and would make a great addition if you're heading off to the beach for the day.

The outdoor dog shower would be perfect for removing all that sand. There are lots of other uses too. Our Mud Daddy has already been nabbed for bike cleaning !

One word of caution, during the winter months don't leave your Mud Daddy outside filled with water as it may freeze.

The crucial decision would be the the size of Mud Daddy you need. As as our tests revealed, larger dogs like Holly would definitely benefit from the 8L version.

Mud Daddy have expanded their product range to include pre-wash sprays, micro towels, dog drying coats and even insulated jackets to help keep your water warm for longer.

Reasons to Buy

+ Compact

+ Portable

+ Integral brush head

+ Eco-friendly solution

+ Multiple Uses

+ Different sizes

+ Lots of accessories available

Reasons to Avoid

- Slightly pricier than alternatives

- Less power than a hosepipe

Mud Daddy 5L

5l green mud daddy portable dog shower

Not keen on green?

The Mud Daddy 5L is available in 2 other colours- blue and orange.

They’re may initially appear expensive but there's no ongoing costs and in the long run a portable dog shower saves money or time on car cleaning after a muddy dog walk.

Includes a 2m hose and brush with extra accessories and spares available on the Mud Daddy website. They also offer bundles including their range of towels and free delivery.

For 10% off the entire range at Mud Daddy, enter coupon code SMARTBARK at checkout.

Mud Daddy 8L

8l portable dog shower - mud daddy

If, like Holly, you think a larger Mud Daddy will be needed to do the job, take a look at the larger sizes available.

The 8 L is ideal if you have more than one muddy four-legged friend! Available in red or blue.

In our opinion, the 12L version is not as portable because of it's sheer size, so unless you have a pack of dogs to wash, the 5L or 8L would be your best options.

For 10% off the entire range at Mud Daddy, enter coupon code SMARTBARK at checkout.

5. Mud Daddy Alternatives

Not sold on the Mud Daddy ? Are there other portable washers on the market ? The honest answer is 'Yes'. Let's take a look at the more popular ones for 2022.

Hozelock Portashower 7L

Hozelock Portashower

From Hozelock's comprehensive range of watering and spraying solutions, the portashower has a 7L capacity so sits between the Mud daddy 5L and 8L versions.

It's great value at nearly half the price of the 5L Mud Daddy.

Be aware though that it's aimed primarily at watering the gardening or providing a makeshift camping shower as opposed to cleaning your dog.

It's worth noting that it doesn't include a brush head to help remove the mud and dirt from fur and paws.

Reasons to Buy

+ Great value option

+ Eco-friendly solution

+ Multiple uses

Reasons to Avoid

- No brush head

- Not as compact as the Mud Daddy 5L

Petacarium Portable Shower

 Dog Portable Shower from Petacarium

The Petcarium portable shower is available in a choice of two sizes - a 8L and a 5L version.

It's unique feature is the insulated cover, which acts like a wetsuit to keep the water warm for when you need it.

It's worth noting that Mud Daddy have expanded their range to include an insulated jacket but this is an additional purchase, not included with the basic Mud Daddy.

Compact and light, it includes a carry strap and 8 different spray options making it multifunctional.

Slightly cheaper than the Mud Daddy, but be aware that like the Hozelock version, it doesn't incorporate a brush head.

Reasons to Buy

+ Different sizes available

+ Eco-friendly solution

+ Insulating cover included

+ Multifunctional

Reasons to Avoid

- No brush head

6. Lastly.... Dog Drying Coats

We would definitely recommend a dog drying coat to wrap up your now clean but still very wet dog. Not only will your dog be more comfortable, but they can dry during the car journey home (no more sofa-rubbing wet dog!)

Dog wearing a Mud Daddy dog drying coat

As the people at Mud Daddy clearly know a thing or two about wet dogs, they've designed their own range of dog drying coats.

These gorgeous dog drying coats from Mud Daddy are arguably the best on the market.

Constructed using premium microfibre and extensively tested in the field, these drying coats keep your dog comfortable as they dry off. Not only perfect for after walks but a great bath time investment too.

Available in a range of 4 sizes and 5 colours so you can find a coat to suit your perfect pooch.

For 10% off the entire range at Mud Daddy, enter coupon code SMARTBARK at checkout.

6. FAQ's

1. Does it need batteries ?

No. The Mud Daddy is a completely eco-friendly design and you naturally build up water pressure without the need for batteries, electricity or a motor.

2. Does it hold enough water to clean my dog ?

We found that the 5L version is perfect for a 12kg Cockapoo however a much larger German Shepherd or Labrador sized breed would be better off with the 8L version.

3. Can you add shampoo?

Yes. For those dogs that love to roll in the mud, Mud Daddy sell a range of shampoos and pre-wash anti-bacterial sprays to help keep your dogs fur and skin clean.

4. Does the water stay warm ?

We found that warm tap water kept fairly warm after a one hour walk. If you enjoy venturing off the beaten track for several hours, Mud Daddy now sell an insulated jacket to ensure your water stays warm for longer.

Your secret weapon for keeping your dog looking & smelling their best.

Thanks for stopping by and reading our Mud Daddy Review. We hope you enjoyed reading it as much as Freddie and Holly enjoyed testing their portable shower.