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Natural Dog Treats Review : Fetch Club

Updated: Jun 12

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Many of us are opting to buy dog treats where we understand every ingredient, and try to avoid additives, wheat, grain, preservatives or other nasties.

We are looking for something great value and highly nutritious, without all the nasties which you normally find in supermarket treats.

Natural dog treats are a great option. Not only are they a healthier alternative for our dogs but they taste better too.

As they're dried snacks, they have the benefit of being convenient with a long shelf life, without compromising on the health benefits.

The texture and crunch of dried natural dog treats really helps with dogs dental hygiene and can reduce plaque building up on teeth. This is particularly important for those dogs enjoying a raw or wet food diet.

Natural dog treats are gaining in popularity and with so many companies offering natural dog treats where should you start ?

We took a look at Fetch Club, a small homegrown company offering an extensive range of natural and highly nutritious dog treats all sourced right here in the UK.

Fetch Club natural dog treats for dogs


1. Who are Fetch Club?

2. Natural Treat Boxes for Dogs

3. Mini Natural Treat Box for Dogs

4. Our Verdict

Who are Fetch Club ?

Fetch Club started back in 2019 as a UK dog training and walking business. As the business went from strength to strength, they realised that their clients were looking for advice on products to use at home.

With their vast experience of dog training, puppy socialising and dealing with canine behavioural challenges, Fetch Club decided to launch a curated shop, focusing only on products they use regularly and recommend.

Their ethos is "Use what the trainers use", and they only sell products which they truly believe in and use themselves.

In addition to a premium range of toys, leads and collars, they offer a selection of healthy, natural treats, long-lasting chews and tasty handpicked treat boxes for dogs of all ages.

Natural Treat Boxes for Dogs

The Fetch Club range is sourced from UK suppliers and includes some familiar favourites such as yak bars and pigs ears alongside some more unusual offerings like ducks feet and rabbit ears.

If you fancy dipping your toe in the water but are unsure what to choose, a perfect place to start is their mixed boxes which include a handpicked variety of treats.

Ultimately, you have the benefit of trying lots of different types of treats and better still, they work out great value when compared to buying the individual products (30% saving on single packs when bought as a mixed box).

Whereas lots of rivals simply have one mixed treat box option, Fetch Club have taken the offer a step further and have a range of three different sized boxes - the Mini, Midi and Maxi.

You can choose to buy a single box or Fetch Club offer a dog treat subscription so you can receive a box on a regular basis - every 14 or 28 days.

It's this flexibility that led us to review their smallest box, the Mini Natural Treat Box at just under £10.

Mini Natural Treat Box for Dogs

The first thing to say is that we were pleasantly surprised by the assortment. Fetch Club clearly used their dog training expertise to create the Mini box.

Mini natural dog treat selection

An interesting combination of both long lasting treats for your dog to enjoy whilst lounging in the kitchen, alongside dog treats that could be cut up and used as high-value rewards whilst training.

Amazingly, their cheapest treat box, the Mini (pictured here) at just under £10 includes :-

Pure pate, a yak stick, rabbit ear, venison meat strips, pigs ear, fish fingers and

duck sausages.

We were already fans of the popular yak sticks and pigs ears, but had never ventured into the realms of fish fingers, rabbits ears or pure pate.

As we were fairly unfamiliar with some of the contents, we did a little digging to uncover the benefits of each product :-

Rabbit Ears

Low in fat, so a great treat for dogs with sensitive stomachs and those watching their calories. Also furry rabbit ears have the added bonus of helping to stay on top of intestinal worm problems.

Pigs Ear

A much loved boredom buster and a tried and tested dog chew favourite.

Fish Fingers

Made from 100% fish, these are easily digestible and the crunchy texture helps remove tartar and plaque from your dog's teeth.

Yak Bar

A healthy long-lasting natural dog chew made from 100% compressed, hardened yak milk. Virtually odourless, rich in protein and gluten-free, ideal for dogs suffering with allergies.

Dog treats - meat strips, duck sausages and pure pate

Pure Pate

A perfect addition to the box as it can be cut into bite-sized pieces for training or spread with a lickimat as a boredom buster (great for soothing anxious dogs).

Duck Sausages

A one ingredient super healthy snack for your dog. Ideal for slicing into bite-sized chunks for training or given whole as a special treat.

Meat Strips

These are either venison or wild boar. We found these were perfect for taking on a dog walk as you can simply pocket one strip and break off pieces as high-value rewards.

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If your dog has any allergies, simply let Fetch Club know in the comments section and they will pack an alternative treat.

The Mini Natural Treat Box contains 6-7 different products with the Midi Box containing 7-8 products and their largest box - the Maxi containing 8-9.

It's also worth noting that the yak bars and the pure pate rolls are larger in the Midi and Maxi boxes.

Our Verdict

It's fair to say that our Cockapoo Freddie can be unbelievably fussy when it comes to his food and treats but he genuinely loved them all.

cockapoo eating natural dog treats

The pure pate and duck sausages were game changers for recall training, if you're looking for a high-value treat for training we can guarantee you won't be disappointed.

The rabbits ears and the fish fingers were firm favourites and offered a welcome change to the usual chew sticks.

The larger Midi and Maxi boxes for dogs probably work out slightly better value when you take the standard shipping charge into account.

The only flaw we could find was the packaging. The box was a bit crumpled in transit but this was a flaw definitely not a deal breaker.

We highly recommend Fetch Club treat boxes because not only are they are excellent value for money but they offer the flexibility to buy one box or set up a subscription (which you can change, cancel or pause at any time).

Personally, we love the dog treat subscription option as it's one less thing to remember each month and Fetch Club boxes certainly liven up your letterbox making a change from the usual bills and flyers landing on the doormat.

Undoubtedly, this is a great natural treat box and we definitely felt we were getting good value for money. It's an ideal option if like us, you want your dog to try some new nutritious and healthy treats.

For 10% off the entire range at FETCH CLUB, enter coupon code SMARTBARK at checkout.


As with all dog foods, remember to supervise your dog at all times and ensure that fresh drinking water is always available.

Fetch Club recommend natural dog treats to dogs and puppies over 6 months.

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