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Trending : Our Favourite New Dog Products for Autumn

Updated: Apr 2


Here at Smart Bark, we simply love searching for the latest dog products.

Whether it’s on-trend clothing, the next must-have gadget or a new type of healthy dog treat, we spend hours sniffing out new and interesting ranges that you and of course your dog will simply adore.

In most cases we add them to our ever-growing list of products to review, but just sometimes, we'd like to quickly share with you some of the special finds we've sniffed out.

Can't wait 'til Christmas? Are 'Add to Basket' three of your favourite words ? We think you'll love these finds which caught our eye this Autumn.

From cute accessories for your precious pooch to the latest in AI dog tracking to launch your dog's TikTok career, there's something here for every pup.

Latest Dog Product Trends this Autumn

Our Favourite New Dog Products this Autumn...

Pooch & Mutt Pumpkin Spiced Dog Treats

Pooch & Mutt

Pumpkin Spice Dog Treats


If you're a sucker for anything that says 'Limited Edition' then you'll love these Pumpkin Spiced dog treats from healthy dog food company - Pooch & Mutt.

Back by popular demand this autumn they are part of their Probiotic Meaty Treat Range so make an excellent reward or as a snack between meals. Packed full of nutrients that are beneficial for your dog -

🎃 Pumpkin: A natural boost for a healthy immune system

🎃 Cinnamon: Known for its anti-inflammatory properties

🎃 Collagen: Supports a healthy skin and coat

🎃 Melon Extract: Contains powerful natural antioxidants

🎃 Probiotics: Helps maintain a healthy immune system

Although they contain pumpkin, when we tested them we were pleased to find that they still had that meaty aroma which is bound to entice your pup.

To save 20% OFF Pooch & Mutt's entire range, simply enter SMARTBARK20 at checkout

Pets Purest Daily Allergy & Itch supplement for dogs

Pets Purest

Daily Allergy & Itch


It's that time of year ! As the nights close in and we spend more time indoors, the low humidity and dry indoor heat often leads to itchy skin, scratching and excessive licking of paws.

Adding a natural supplement to your dog's food throughout the winter, is an easy way to help deal with skin and coat irritation.

Perfect timing to try the newly launched Daily Supplements from Pets Purest. Renowned for their range of all-natural products, these liquid supplements are so easy to add to either wet or dry dog food. The easy-to-use no-mess pump bottles are perfect for adding small controlled amounts and there's no pesky tablets to hide!

As well as an Allergy & Itch Supplement, their new range boasts a Daily Joint, Calming and Senior Supplement.

Pets Purest are offering 10% OFF their entire range.

 Enter discount code WELCOME10 at checkout

Doggy Parton dog accessory and apparel range

Doggy Parton

Dog Accessory Range


No one can do it quite like Dolly. Yep!, the country music legend has just launched her dog clothing and accessory line in the UK.

From clothing to collars, bowls to beds, this uniquely designed range is bound to set your feet a tappin !

Go all in with a Pastel Pink Cowgirl Dress or Blue Jean Denim Jacket. For a more subtle approach, how about this totally gorgeous Blue Printed Denim & Gingham Print Bandana?

Seriously, how could you miss out on the Barkin' 9 to 5 bone shaped dog toy ?

As a massive animal lover, a portion of every Doggy Parton purchase will help fund Willa B. Farms, a rescue where animals in need find never-ending love.

Oodie dog drying coat

Dog Oodie

Dog Drying Coat


For the chic, cosy canine ! Many of you will have heard of Oodies, the original wearable blankets.

Did you know that you can now buy a Dog Oodie ?

Dog Oodies are made from their world famous ultralight and warm fleece, specially designed to keep your dog snug and cosy without overheating.

Whilst not exactly new, they have recently extended the collection to 9 different designs and some even coordinate with their Human Oodie range. So whilst you're at it, treat yourself - it's practically the law after all.

Every Dog Oodie includes a hood and a handy slot on the back to attach a lead. We love that they use snap buttons for an easy fit rather than velcro which can easily get snagged.

Available in a range of 4 sizes suitable for puppies to fully grown Labradors with a handy sizing-guide online. They even stock a coordinating range of Calming Beds for that secret sloth in your life.

Squishmallow Dog Bed


Dog Bed Range


Viral sensation Squishmallow have recently launched a range of totally cute dog beds.

If you haven't heard of Squishmallow, they are a massive range of cuddly plush toys made famous by TikTok. The cult brand has launched a range of four dog beds including Buela Octopus (pictured), Gordon Shark, Wendy Frog and Maui Pineapple.

Using the same ultra-soft cuddly fabric and with a non-slip base, these bolster style nest beds are available in three sizes. The nesting shape is perfect for anxious pups as it offers an enclosed, safe environment.

Fun and ridiculously cute, your dog will simply love them

Pet Head Paw Butter for dogs

Pet Head

Dog Paw Butter


We adore the gorgeous scented range of dog grooming products from Pet Head. Their NEW Coconut Paw Balm is thick, luxurious and reminds us of summer holidays.

Perfect for looking after dry and cracked paws this winter, it's like first aid pampering for paws. You can even rub it on noses.

With shea butter, oatmeal extract, coconut oil and aloe vera the Paw Butter softens, calms and nourishes. In a handy 40g tub, it's the ideal size to slip into your dog walking bag.

Honeycomb dog slow feeder bowl by SodaPup


Slow Feeder Bowls


We are huge fans of the US brand SodaPup. If you haven't come across SodaPup, we recommend taking a closer look at their selection of slow feeders (they call them eBowls, which stands for enrichment bowls), chew toys and treat dispensers.

SodaPup's range of designs includes Mandala, Wave and Water Frog each featuring different trough depths to make it even more difficult for your dog to reach some food and ultimately slowing them down.

Throughout their entire product range, SodaPup focus on beauty and originality in their designs.

We love this Honeycomb slow feeder because it's ideal for perfect for serving wet and dry foods together without making a mess.

Designed with a series of individual hexagonal chambers, it's perfect for preventing your dog from eating their entire bowl in just a couple of mouthfuls. It also encourages fussy pups by making mealtimes more fun.

So great quality meets stunning aesthetics in this utterly gorgeous Honeycomb eBowl.

Collar Club Dog Subscription Box

Collar Club

Halloween Subscription Box


If you want your dog to join in all the fun this Halloween than why not take a closer look at this themed subscription box from Collar Club (the photo above shows last years box - we wouldn't want to spoil the surprise).

Collar Club offer a collection of treats and sustainable, eco-friendly toys every month in their dog subscription box. We love that all their treats are 100% natural.

The high quality and planet friendly products are hand selected from a range of well known brands and some smaller brands with sustainability at their heart.

So if you buy from Collar Club you can feel good knowing that you're looking after your dog, the planet and small UK businesses.

Research shows that dogs will overwhelmingly choose to play with a new toy over more familiar objects.

A subscription box is a simple and great value way of adding a new toy to your collection and will help keep your pooch engaged and interested.

I know what you're thinking, but it doesn’t need to be like that dreaded gym membership. The best subscriptions boxes have no commitments and it’s easy to 'paws', change or cancel your subscription at any point.

Smart Bark can offer 30% off your first Collar Club Subscription Box

Enter smartbark at checkout

Pivo Pod

Pivo Pod

Smart Tracking Camera Mount


Lastly, if your phone is bursting with dog photos and videos then we think that you'll absolutely love the Pivo Pod. You can now capture your dog in action and ultimately they can be the star of their own show.

There are several camera mounts on the market that use your phone and some smart tracking technology to follow you around and automatically shoot whatever you want.

The latest Pivo Pod has taken this one step further and their AI powered smart tracking feature is now designed to track your dog !

With a 360-degree rotation built in, the Pivo Pod can follow your dog, rotate, automatically zoom and move smoothly.

Perfect for recording training progress, a new puppy's antics or simply capturing the sheer magic of your dog, the Pivo Pod is a breeze to use.

Ultimately, this amazing little gadget turns your smartphone into your personal cameraman. No need to ask anyone to film you and your dog, the Pivo Pod lets you record everything on your own and share cute videos on social media or simply look back and learn from your training sessions.

If you're interested read more in our in-depth Pivo Pod : Capture Your Dog's Magic Review

Dog Bone Graphic

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