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Top 10 Dog Bag Essentials : Dog Travel Bags

Updated: 4 days ago

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When you travel with your dog whether it’s just a day trip or a weekend away, you need to bring along your pet gear. Finding the right dog travel bag to keep all of your dog stuff together can be quite the challenge.

Freddie cockapoo on a dog walk

There are several dog bags on the market specifically designed to help you organise all your dog gear.

We have reviewed lots of dog gear travel bags and narrowed it down to the best two on the market according to best quality product, best value and design for 2022. We've also reviewed some essential items to pack so you are prepared for the next adventure.


Features to Consider

Best Dog Travel Bags & Essential Kit

1. Best Overall Dog Travel Bag

2. Best Dog Travel Backpack

3. Feature Packed Dog Water Bottle

4. Best for Travel - Foldable Dog Bowl

5. Best Dog Treat Pouch for most Buyers

6. Best Eco-Friendly Dog Poo Bags

7. Best Travel Dog Towel

8. Spare Dog Lead

9. Travel Toys

10. Best Cooling Dog Towel



Ideally bags with multiple compartments will work well so you can organise your dog gear into sections. At least two sections so you can store food separately from towels, toys and leads.

Waterproof/water resistant

Let's face it dogs can get very muddy and wet so a bag which is waterproof or water resistant will stand the test of time.

Food storage bags

This is the feature that makes a dog gear bag different from any normal bag. They usually come with little bags specifically for carrying your dog’s food.

Included Items

Most of these dog gear bags come with included products such as dog bowls, toys, blankets and first aid kits. Look for bags that have products that you don’t already own.


1. Best Overall Dog Travel Bag


Cleverly thought out with some great design features, the travel bag from Teamoy is our favourite travel bag.

Teamoy dog travel bag

Perfect for a day at the beach, park or a weekend away, this dog travel bag has multiple storage pockets and importantly includes 2 lined food containers.

All your canine stuff can be kept separately and sealed to stop food and treat smells infiltrating the rest of your gear.

It has carry handles and an additional shoulder strap so easy to transport.

To make feeding on the go easy, it includes 2 silicone collapsible bowls and a foldable dog feeding mat.

Available in two sizes and two designs - grey or grey dots.

Just add your water bottle, a couple of toys and a spare lead and you're ready to go.

2. Best Dog Travel Backpack

Mobile Dog Gear

If you prefer a backpack then take a look at the smart Mobile Dog Gear travel bag.

Mobile dog gear dog travel backpack

Mobile Dog Gear, formerly known as Overland Dog Gear, makes the perfect backpack for a weekend away.

Similar to the Teamoy bag, they have put some thought into the storage compartments they offer in their design.

Two removable zippable bags specifically designed for storing dog food and two collapsible feeding bowls are incorporated into the travel bag.

The comfortable straps are padded and adjustable to fit making this a classy looking dog backpack.

3. Feature Packed Dog Water Bottle


Regardless of how long your trip is, number one on everyone's list should always be hydration. Nobody wants to share their water bottle with their dog, so to avoid dehydration pack their own water supply.

dog travel water bottle

Obviously, you can simply pack some standard water bottles.

However I’ve found it really helpful if Freddie is able to drink straight from a bottle itself rather than trying to pour it unsuccessfully into his mouth!

There are several dog water bottles available but this one from Petkit has some extra design features.

Not only does it have a large capacity cup, leak proof design and can be used single handed, it also has a filter to purify the water.

Available in several different colours

4. Best for Travel - Foldable Dog Bowl


If your dog doesn’t like drinking from a dog water bottle (not all dogs do), then you’ll need something to pour your water into.

foldable dog bowl

If your travel bag doesn't include a collapsible water bowl then this foldable dog bowl by Bonza certainly won't break the bank.

It's a really handy bit of kit, good quality and folds flat for easy storage.

Other bowls definitely aren't designed to be as sturdy so you run the risk of your dog constantly tipping over the full bowl of water which isn’t ideal!

5. Best Dog Treat Pouch for most Buyers


Treats are not only great for rewards, they can be the perfect distraction when you’re trying to attract your dog’s attention away from something.

However, the last thing you need are warm, smelly dog treats in your pocket all day.

Kurgo Go Stuff-it dog treat bag

These bright and fun dog treat bags from Kurgo are available in blue or red.

They have a wide mouth opening so you can reach your treats quickly and a drawstring closure to keep those treats fresh.

The treat bag has an adjustable strap with two strong plastic clips, enabling you to clip it to your belt for playtime in the park.

It also features a drawstring closure and an extra zip-pocket.

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6. Best Eco-friendly Dog Poo Bags

Earth Rated

Scoop the Poop…. Of course! But not all poo bags are created equal.

If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly option then Earth Rated Poo Bags fit the bill.

Earth Rated is a Canadian company making poo bags with a 100% leak-proof guarantee.

At their core is the idea of giving back to society so they've donated over 6 million poo bags to dog shelters.

For those of you that prefer a bag with handles these may be perfect. Earth Rated poo bags are available in a wide range including scented /un-scented and on rolls without handles if you prefer.

For further information, read our in-depth review of Dog Poo bags. We bought, tested and reviewed the best dog poo bags for 2022. It's a dirty job, but someone's got to do it ! - Best Dog Poo Bag Review

7. Best Travel Dog Towel

Henry Wag

Even if you don’t expect your four-legged friend to get dirty, they always seem to be drawn to large expanses of muddy water.

Henry Wag dog towel

A dog towel is not only perfect at rubbing them down, but can be useful at wiping your own arms, faces and clothes after the inevitable ‘shake’!

Henry Wag have a whole range of dog drying gloves and towels.

Their microfibre Pet Towel is ideal for day trips as it absorbs more water and dries quicker than a regular towel.

Microfibre towels are also better then standard towels at picking up and holding onto dirt and dust, and even bacteria.

8. Spare Dog Lead

It’s always worth packing a spare dog lead. I managed to lose one from around my neck once. I ended up carrying Freddie across a busy road back to the car.

Let me tell you a 13kg dog seemed to get extremely heavy after carrying him for 10 minutes.

9. Travel Toys

I always pack a couple of toys in case Freddie needs entertaining. The go-to toys are a tennis ball or a rope toy because if they get lost they’re easily and cheaply replaceable.

Also a chew toy especially to pass the time on car journeys or in a pub!

I’m not going to recommend any toys, as I suggest that you take some old ones along which won’t be missed too much if you forget them or another dog makes off with them.

10. Best Cooling Dog Towel

Cool Pup

Dogs can get really hot during the summer months especially as they enjoy tearing around unlike us, our canine friends don't have sweat glands so have a harder time cooling themselves down.

cockapoo in car boot with Cool Pup cooling towel

If it looks like it’s going to be a warm day, a cooling towel can help regulate your dogs temperature.

Simply soak the towel in cold water and wring out any excess water before placing over your pet.

Cheap and light to carry in your dog bag, they’ll give you peace of mind on a hot day.

Hopefully that's given you some ideas of what to pack for a day trip or even a weekend away. Thanks for stopping by and reading our article on Dog Bag Essentials.